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Tired of the same old daily grind?  Well, get ready to experience our sport and social club which offers all professionals a chance to participate in various co-ed sports leagues and social events.  Whether you are single, married or dating, our club brings together all those people who just want to make new friends and share in the excitement of being part of a new concept in the Monmouth County area.We meet at local establishments after most games and activities for social gatherings.  In addition to the co-ed sports leagues, our concept allows us as a club to offer many different activities such as weekend ski get-always, happy hours, concerts, etc. - provided there is a  majority interest within our membership. 












Spread the word to all your friends and colleagues about our club and continue to visit our website for the latest information on the sports leagues and social gatherings.  Please email us at cannonsportnsocialclub@verizon.net if you are interested in our club.  We will email you when information becomes available such as sports league schedules, registration deadlines, field locations, social gathering locations, etc. 





*Must be 21 years or older to participate.